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We love questions. We hope you love our answers.

Below are the most common questions we receive and our answers to them. If you have other questions, contact us!

Why isn’t my password working?
The first step is to make sure that you entered the login credentials correctly.

  • Booked directly through The confirmation email (from "") contains your email and password.
  • Booked through GetYourGuide? Simply enter your Booking Reference (no email address necessary!).

If it’s still not working, it could be that the tour has already been unlocked on the maximum number of phones, or that 2 weeks have elapsed since your tour was first unlocked. If you’re certain that neither of those are true, then contact us via email, and we’ll see what we can do.

Why the 2-week limit for the tour?
We know some leeway can be helpful for various reasons. Maybe it takes a while to get everyone in your group on the internet and able to download the app. Or perhaps you’re in town for a few days and stop midway through the tour, and then a friend joins you at another point. But we needed to make some cutoff point, otherwise it’s too easy to share a password with someone that’s taking the tour long after you did, and we simply need to protect the value of the work we put into this.

Why do I have to go the route you laid out?
We planned our route as a great way to explore the heart of Amsterdam, without being too taxing while still covering a lot of ground. We think it’s a pretty solid path. That said, do your own thing! Simply “unlock” all 12 locations by skipping through the stories, and then you can go back and do them in whatever order you see fit.

What is “BIPOC”?
BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) represents the non-white peoples who shaped much of Amsterdam, the country, and the world as we know it. It’s a catch-all term that, frankly, we understand condenses too many different experiences into one, but it’s also a good start to the conversation about those who have been left out for too long.

Why do you use “LGBTQ+”?
We had a lot of conversations over the years about the appropriate term to use. We thought about using different variations, such as "LGBT+" or "LGBTQIA+", but we're currently seeing a majority of the advocacy organizations that we turn to using "LGBTQ+". This is something we'll continue to keep our eyes on and adjust as it seems necessary.

Some people clearly fit into more than one theme. How did you decide which theme to attribute to them?
Intersectionality is great, isn’t it? We’re made up of all these intermingling traits, and some of the badasses we talk about overlap the themes. Sometimes, we selected a specific theme for them based on something the individual clearly identified as a defining characteristic of their life. Other times, we simply needed to choose one theme to make space for someone else in another theme. Either way, you’re bound to find more overlaps than we ever could.

What about other minorities, such as differently-abled people?
We’re glad you asked, and we’re working on it! There’s a particular challenge in finding concrete references to anyone who doesn’t fit within a culturally defined framework of mental and physical abilities. We have to be careful about what we infer from the information that we have. But this is something we’re committed to building into the tours, so keep an eye out for more.

Are you making more tours?
We are! At the moment, we have plans for several different self-guided tours in Amsterdam alone, and we’re already looking towards the future of building tours in other cities as well. Sign up for our mailing list if you want to stay in the loop.

Where can I learn more about Badass Tours?
Start with our About Badass Tours section, and from there, you can find our website for even more details.

How can I spread the word about Badass Tours?
Love. This. Question. Share this tour. You can also write a review on Tripadvisor or Google Reviews. (We love 5-star reviews.) And thank you for spreading the word!