Badass Tours

Hi there, I completed the city center tour in two times, on Saturdays, and wanted to let you know that I liked it very much.
First time I shared it with a friend and we followed half of it, each on our own phone, second time I completed it, with my husband, sharing my phone. Both ways were doable and enjoyable. I liked listening as well as reading the stories. I find it a big plus that you can go back and read again, also later.
I lived in Amsterdam for 6 years but thanks to you I discovered places and stories that I would have otherwise missed. That would have been a pity!
My compliments for the accurate (and passionate) archive research and for the work you put in this project, which I imagine is really a lot. I like the website too. I only couldnt find a way to log out and login later. Maybe there isnt a way and maybe that is even better. No big deal.
I wish you success and I hope to find the time to buy and follow one of your tours again in the future. Maybe nor on saturday in the center when the city is so crazy crowded though 🙂 (thumb up for the notes at the beginning: with those bikes and trams security really comes first!).
Greetings, Sara.