Badass Tours
There’s something special about this tour: You.

As we were laying out the route for this tour and deciding which badasses to talk about, we quickly ran into a problem. There are too many incredible people that can’t be ignored, but how could we possibly fit them into one experience?

And then it hit us. We can leave the decision to you and let you curate your own walk, taking in as much as you want.

Here’s how it works.


Step 1: unlock the tour *

Booked directly via Badass Tours (

  • Enter the email and password you created through the booking process. See your confirmation email (from "") for a reminder.

Booked via another platform, such as GetYourGuide?

  • Simply enter your Booking Reference (no email address necessary!).

Bonus: Booked the Group Tour option for €20?

Your log-in details can be used on up to 4 phones.

Family and friends can join in without crowding your space.

Tap the Share button on the home screen.

* Tours are valid for 2 weeks after first being unlocked.


Step 2: get ready

Open the tour for a map of the 12 locations, and perhaps watch our video to ground yourself in Amsterdam’s general history.


Step 3: go to the starting point

Your tour begins in Amsterdam’s iconic Dam Square. (Address: De Dam, 1012 NP Amsterdam)

If you need help getting there, click the map icon - - to open Google Maps.


Step 4: get to the overview

Each location begins with a brief overview, to give a sense of where you are.


Step 5: curate your experience

Here’s where we leave it to you. You’ll see 4 additional tabs:

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)
  • Jewish
  • LGBTQ+
  • Women

Tap any of these to uncover someone special.

Discover as many as you like before moving on to the next location.

Bonus: We provide a recommendation at each location in case you’re short on time, so you can never go wrong.


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